Using I2H Technology Scouting Methodology for Healthcare, we will assist your Organization in developing and implementing an Open Innovation Strategy. We will assess the leading national and international trends and emerging technologies in various healthcare segments, and select first-rate technologies and startups that hold strategic interest for your portfolio.

Our Technology Scouting services in healthcare comprise :

  1. mapping out and identifying new technologies made available in the Brazilian and in international markets by incubators, accelerators, hubs, clusters, networks, investors, development and promotion agencies, research centers and innovation institutes in the field of human and animal health;

  2. gathering strategic data about new healthcare markets, trends and technologies that hold strategic interest for you;

  3. identifying major national and international development initiatives for healthcare innovation projects;

  4. identifying and evaluating startups and business partners in Brazil and overseas that hold interest for your organization; and

  5. networking and negotiating with the selected business partners, entrepreneurs and startups. 

Learn about the 4 steps in I2H Technology Scouting Methodology


Together, I2H and your company will identify strategic interests and objectives, and establish search scope criteria for new technologies and markets in Brazil and overseas that may interest you.


I2H will map the healthcare innovation ecosystem and shortlist the most interesting leads concerning accelerators, hubs, clusters, networks, investors, development and promotion agencies, research centers and innovation institutes.

Evaluate & Refine

Based on your selection criteria and using I2H emerging business evaluation methodology, we will assist you in evaluating and selecting the startups and business partners that are most suitable for your portfolio. 


Contact & Engage

We will liaise your organization with the selected strategic startups and/or business partners and following that, we will assist you through the negotiation and integration of new technologies process, whether these are in Brazil or overseas, by using multicultural advisory teams.

If you are interested in internationalizing your business or soft landing in Brazil, please get in touch with us.  We  have developed business contacts in several countries. 


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