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Your startup can now count on a "Healthcare Executive on demand".


Your startup can count on our service  “Executives on demand” to help you manage your business in different fields of human and animal healthcare.

Many healthcare startups face major challenges when it comes to scaling up their business. They lack financial, technological and human resources to meet market demands that arise when leveraging their innovative solution.


At this time, they need to re-organize themselves, and seek to add specialized C-Level managers to their team, but do not have the necessary financial means to do so.  Many of these startups are not mature enough, business wise,  to seek for investors.

It is at this point in time that startups should consider recomposing their teams with "On -demand Executives".

On-demand executives” provide the managerial knowledge your organization needs, without the burden of hiring a permanent executive-level employee.


By passing on their experience and specialized knowledge to your managers, these executives can help you develop a sustainable strategy to scale up your business, which is priceless for small and medium-sized companies that do not have the needed budget to hire a complete C-level team.

Why should you have "Executives on Demand" in your team?


The objective is to assist your company's managers in developing financial, operational, marketing and commercial plans, and to implement new solutions and strategies, in order to scale your business in a sustainable manner.


What are the benefits for your business?


The benefits of working with the  “Executives on Demand” modality are that they have a curriculum with sound executive experience, combined with a consolidated network in the health sector.


You will be able to incorporate the type of expertise and skills need to your business over a predetermined period.


Register your project or startup  we will contact you to talk about your specific needs and the packages we can offer you to scale up your healthcare business.

Simplicity and Assertiveness to set up your executive team in 3 simple steps!

We will analyze your specific demands and needs to compose a C-Level team.
We will arrange a call with you to present the package that most closely matches your strategic growth demand.

We will map the professional or team needed to build the best solution to scale your business in the healthcare field.

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