We rely on the active engagement and collaboration of highly qualified professionals from the private sector, government and academia committed to fostering our innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in healthcare.


Carlos Madeira - MD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

MD from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro,  25-year-eperience as a general surgeon and video-laparoscopist in private clinic. Member of the Brazilian College of Surgeons. MBA in Finance Management from Getúlio Vargas Foundation. Member of ANBIMA (Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association). Certified in Assessment of Healthcare Technologies. 


Ingrid Stoeckicht - Ph.D.
Chief Innovation & Business Development Officer
Founder and President of INEI (National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and co-founder of Accelerator 2.5.  Member of MIT Qualifying Examinations Board for innovation projects in LATAM and Europe.  Coordinator of  Innovation Management  Programs at Getúlio Vargas Foundation.  Holds a Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering  by the Fluminense Federal University - RJ. 
Fabiano Coelho - Ph.D.
Chief Finance Officer
CFO of INEI (National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation). PhD in Business Administration from Florida Christian University, M.Sc in Managerial Accounting from Rio de Janeiro State University, Specialization Degree in Accounting Sciences from Getúlio Vargas Foundation and B.Sc in Accounting from Rio de Janeiro State University. Coordinator of MBA Programs in Finance, Auditing and Controllership, Financial Market and Power Generation Industry. 
Carlos Ballarati - MD, Ph.D.
Institutional and Investor Relations Officer

Clinical and Pathologist Physician. PhD in Medicine from the University of São Paulo, MBA in Healthcare Management from INSPER - Institute of Education and Research. Has worked in major hospitals in São Paulo - Sírio Libanês and Santa Catarina – as well as in DKD in Germany.  Formerly CEO of Medial Saúde, President of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.   

Our Advisers

Luiz Gustavo Batista – M.Sc. in Economy and Business Management.
Expert in Strategies for Business Development.
Daniel Balado. MBA.
I2H Labs Leader. Expert in Strategies for Innovation for healthtechs and digital business organizer of international missions in healthcare.
Martin Ebbs, MBA, BA.
Liaison between I2H and the United Kingdom for technology transfer and international business.
Roberto Kanter - M.Sc.
Expert in innovative entrepreneurship and finance management, and the development of digital business strategies.
Thierry Jourdet. M.Sc.

Industrial Pharmacist. Expert in industrial operations management, GMPs, regulations and connections with European biotechnology companies Holds a degree form the Université Paris XI.I.

José Afonso Oliveira Jr.  Ph.D.
Counseling for fund raising for innovative products and project design aimed at project funding.
Dr. Luis Augusto Russo, MD, Ph.D., MBA, BCMAS. 

Expert in clinical research development and management.

Jorge Bonassa, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineer with a PhD in Pneumonology. Businessman with worldwide experience in medical equipment development.

Saulo Calazans, MBA.
Physicist and attorney. Expert in strategies for intellectual property, patents, industrial design and services, both in Brazil and overseas.
Evelinda Trindade, MD, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Expert in a the assessment of health technologies, microbiology and immunology. São Paulo University and the  University of Montreal.
Marcus Dantas Martins, MD. M. Sc., MBA, CNPI-T
Expert in the assessment of healthcare companies, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning.
Marcus Leite. M.Sc.

Expert in Innovation Management, Open Innovation, Funding, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence.

Roberto G. Palmeira, MBA. 

Expert in Strategic Planning and Management and the development of innovative commercial business models.

João Vieira Araújo, Ph.D.
Innovation Management Expert in the fields of Sanitation, Energy and Hydric Resources.
Ricardo H. F. Azevedo. Ph.D.
CEO da Value Global Group,  empresa parceira do I2H nas áreas de Logística, Comércio Exterior e Defesa.
Antônio Filipe Caldas, MD, MBA.

Oncologist,  physician and surgeon, intensive care physician. Expert in healthcare management and healthcare project assessment.

Renato Anaute. MBA.
Expert in Finance Management, strategic planning and business assessment.
Laureano Silva, MBA. M. Sc.

Expert in developing sales strategies for innovative healthcare businesses.

Fernando Braune, MBA.
Chemical Engineer (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). Expert in national and international patents.
Anne Ramos, MBA in Hospital Management.

Expert in hospital and healthcare project management, strategic planning and innovation. 

Mauro Pacanowski,  M. Sc.
Strategic marketing management focused on the pharmaceutical industry, market research, retail, distribution and logistics of medicines.
Mauro Pacanowski,  M. Sc.
Strategic marketing management focused on the pharmaceutical industry, market research, retail, distribution and logistics of medicines.
João Ricardo Fahrion Nüske, M.Sc.

Tax law and legal governance for the development of innovation centers.

Marcos Ferasso,  Ph.D.
Local and regional development of innovation clusters and ecosystems, specialized n innovation strategies for biotechnology startups, networked health organizations and circular economy.
Mauro Pacanowski,  M. Sc.
Strategic marketing management focused on the pharmaceutical industry, market research, retail, distribution and logistics of medicines.

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