I2H has a proprietary methodology to assess the innovation potential of healthcare organizations and startups, the QDI® Health Innovation Assessment Tool.

This methodology for assessing your organizations's capability to strategically manage innovation resources  was developed considering the ISO 56002 - Innovation Management System published in July 2019 and the best practices of corporate governance.

Based on this assessment we can develop a Strategic Innovation Development Plan for your organization aimed at gaining business competitiveness.

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The QDI® Healthcare Assessment Tool analyzes the 4 critical pillars of Strategic Management in Innovation in Organizations, as described below.

Organizational Innovation

I2H will assess the level of maturity of your Organization and the extent to which your routine procedures in managing your intellectual, financial, technological and human resources promote innovation. We will look into how each area and their respective leadership should better integrate so as to leverage the innovation potential of your Organization as a whole. This assessment will allow us to design an Organizational Innovation Roadmap, describing required structure and infrastructure actions that will shape innovation up into an organizational competency of your company’s.

Collaborative Innovation

I2H will assess the extent to which your staff and external partners engage in collaborative working modes so as to develop innovations. We will also evaluate the ways through which your Organization interacts with the entrepreneuring innovation ecosystem with respect to developing solutions in your business sector, industry and adjoining markets. This assessment will allow us to design a development and implementation plan aiming at a model of Open Innovation Management.

Technological Innovation

I2H will assist you in developing your Organization`s innovation strategies as applicable to processes, products and services at short-, mid- and long term timeframes so that they can build into your portfolio of innovative solutions. We will investigate fund raising opportunities in Brazil and overseas which may leverage the launch of the projects that were mapped out in your Strategic Planning and come up with a Funding Plan describing sizable domestic and foreign research and development lines - both reimbursable and non-reimbursable.

Competitive Innovation

I2H will investigate macro- and micro-trends that are now shaping your industry and adjoining markets, as well as technological innovations, market opportunities and regulations in each niche that holds interest for your Organization or which may impact the development of innovative business solutions and models. We will then supply you with a Competitive Map in Healthcare sectors that hold interest to your company.

Based on this initial assessment, I2H will develop a Corporate Innovation Plan that will soundly bring Innovation into play as critical competency for your Organization.

Contact us for more informations regarding QDI® HEALTHCARE INNOVATION ASSESSMENT  TOOL: contato@i2h.com.br

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