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Develop the necessary skills & competencies to leverage the innovation capability of your organization, team members and company collaborators.

I2H Innovation capability-building Training Programes

Innovating in healthcare poses significant challenges to entrepreneurs, managers of hospitals and clinics, healthcare insurance providers, laboratories, government and academic institutions, as well as to investors and corporations whose strategic focus relies on health. 


Many factors play an impactful role in successfully developing an innovative solution in healthcare and taking it to market. Entrepreneurs, companies and investors have to tackle various issues that may affect the timeframe, risk and clinical, financial and market feasibility of a healthcare-oriented project.


Some of the themes that arouse the interest of the various actors in the healthcare ecosystem in Brazil are Health 4.0, Smart Hospitals and Pharmas, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain and Cryptocoins, Robotics, 3D and 4D Printing, Telemedicine, Personalized Medicine, Foodtechs, Data Security, Nanogenomics, Pharmacogenomics and Nanobiotechnology, among others.


Our capability-building training programs in Healthcare Innovation is aimed to develop the technical and behavioral competencies that are critical to prepare collaborators and team members to successfully develop and place their healthcare innovation project or startup in the market.


These courses will enable you to: 

  • Assess your innovation startup or project.

  • Design your development plan with the collaboration of our experts.

  • Participate in Healthcare Innovation Forums promoted by I2H and our partnering companies.

  • Participate in Healthcare Innovation Meetups that gather experts in various Healthcare Innovation Management areas.

  • Get Mentorship from our counselors for your healthcare innovation projects.

  • Participate in Forums with Investors and Demo Days.

  • Join I2H Healthcare Innovation Networks.

Learn about the Programs offered by I2H and book your place in one of our forthcoming Programs!

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Reimbursable and Non-Reimbursable Funding Sources for Innovative Healthcare  Projects

How can I develop a project to raise national and international government or private funding? What types of funding are there and what type of projects are eligible for the existing resources?

The main objective of this Program is to explore reimbursable and non-reimbursable funding sources available for healthcare innovation projects. Some of the topics include national and international development agencies, the basic writing style of a fund-raising project, major international funding options, how to align your project with the priorities set by Brazilian and international agencies and how to enhance funding opportunities for your project.


How to Develop Innovation Projects in Healthcare

What innovative project management methodologies and solutions can be used to develop my project - from ideation all the way through internationalization?

This Program will introduce you to the major business development models, methodologies and tools – such as Lean, Design Thinking and Agile. Upon completion of this program, you will have developed your Business Model Canvas, which will serve as a springboard for a feasible prototype to test your proposition of innovative value.


Venture Capital and Private Funding for Healthcare Innovation

How much is my startup worth? How can I present and negotiate my project with various types of investors? Is my startup qualified to be presented to an investor or a company that may be interested in it?

Learn about the major investment funds in Brazil and the relationship between innovation companies and investors so as to develop the required skills to search private funding for an innovative project. You will also have a clear idea of the major valuation mechanisms of your healthcare innovation startup, such as how to set up a pitch of your solution and how to negotiate different types of agreements according to the investor profile you are looking for.


Roadmap for Healthcare Innovation: from Ideation through Entering the Market.

How can I develop my healthcare innovation project in a sustainable way? How can I evade the “death valley”? How can I create an Innovation ecosystem to support the development of my innovative solution?

After determining the maturity level, innovation level and commercial/technological feasibility of your startup/project, you will learn how to design a Roadmap to develop your team members, staff and solution. This Roadmap will comprise all the necessary steps that lead to setting foot in the market sustainably by addressing 4 main pillars: governance, intellectual property, funding sources and regulatory issues.  To learn more about IH2 Assessment of Innovation Potential, click here.


Innovation in Healthcare: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

What are the major current trends and opportunities in the national and global healthcare scenario? Which regulatory and sanitary agencies may impact the development of an innovative solution?

This Program will provide you with a systemic view of the dynamics that rule, support and challenge emerging opportunities for entrepreneurs in healthcare in Brazil and around the world.


Open Innovation for Healthcare Startups.

How can I develop an Open Innovation project in healthcare? Which Intellectual Property mechanisms may be used to shield the project as of its inception?

This Program aims to address the major challenges faced by those who want to venture into healthcare by embracing open innovation models. It will also discuss the shielding mechanisms of knowledge and intellectual protection that may apply to your innovative solution, from the ideation phase all the way through its launching to the market.

These programs are offered upon demand, through both open classes and in-company classes. In-company classes are formed upon a customized program that will cater for the organization’s specific innovation capability-building goals and for its employees.

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