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How can you set foot in the entrepreneurial healthcare innovation ecosystem and gain access to startups that hold strategic interest to your company?  How can you assess innovation projects and startups so as to build them into your portfolio?  These are some of the challenges that healthcare organizations have to overcome so as to develop their innovation as a core competency.

I2H has developed a methodology for assessing your organizations's capability to strategically manage innovation resources  based on the ISO 56002 - Innovation Management System published in July 2019 and the best practices of corporate governance.

Based on this assessment we can develop a Strategic Innovation Development Plan for your organization aimed at gaining business competitiveness.

                    Check how I2H can leverage your organization to the next level of innovation capability.

We will channel your Organization towards suitable entrepreneurs and startups, so as to streamline the development cycle of your portfolio of innovative products and services.

We will search for innovative solutions to assist your Organization in enhancing your healthcare management models.

Contact I2H and we will schedule a meeting to discuss the requirements that your organization has to fulfill in order to leverage innovation in healthcare.

I2H may then conduct an Initial Assessment and develop a Business Action Plan oriented towards Innovation in line with your Organization’s strategic objectives.

You will be able to access I2H Pool of Projects and follow up on innovative projects and startups comprised by our database.


Initial assessment of your organization’s innovation potential and design of a business action plan

Expert advice in planning and implementing healthcare innovation strategies and management models

Expert advice in designing healthcare innovation projects aimed at fund raising (government and private resources)

Startup Scouting – search and attraction of specific healthcare projects/startups suitable for your portfolio of innovative products and services

Capacity-building of your Organization’s staff through mentoring and education programs in Healthcare Innovation Management

Assessment Report of projects/startups that carry solid business maturity and technical, clinical and commercial feasibility

Expert advice for soft landing and internationalization of innovation startups

Access to I2H Pool of Qualified Projects and Startups and of qualifying examinations boards of innovation healthcare experts and mentors

Advice and curatorship in healthcare innovation Events such as Forums, Hackathons, Demo Days, Business Olympics and Challenges

Institutional endorsement to promote and disseminate your Organization’s specific Events in healthcare innovation

Arrange your participation as a speaker as well as a member of qualifying examinations boards of innovation healthcare projects/startups

Access services supplied by partnering organizations

Learn about I2H Technology Scouting Methodology for healthcare innovation. Please go to

Check how I2H Innovation Assessment is conducted. Go to


Contact us at


Let us know about your specific needs and we will design a Business Development Proposal for your Organization.  

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