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I2H Labs: your Healthcare Innovation Environment


I2H holds a proprietary methodology oriented towards the development of Healthcare Innovation Environments in the field of human and animal health at university centers, corporate universities, government and private organizations, clinics, laboratories and hospitals.

Assess the maturity level of your Innovation Environment

Through the I2H Labs unit, we will assess the Maturity Level of the innovation environment in your organization.


Our assessment is based on the main corporate governance best practices for innovation environments and the ISO 56002 - International Standard for Innovation Management Systems released in July, 2019.  


We will analise 8 key indicators that foster innovative environments in university centers, corporate universities, public and private organizations, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, incubators and accelerators. 


Based on a 0 to 5 maturity scale, we offer a tailor-made program aimed at developing in house innovation environments, and will design a development plan for your organization's innovation center, covering both internal and external ecosystems.


With customized methodologies for the healthcare industry, within these innovative environments, students from universities will be able to develop their innovative solutions as a complementary part to their training in medical schools.  Internal and external entrepreneurs and employees of your organization will find the necessary environment to develop, prototype, test and validate their innovative solutions internally or with I2H partner organizations.

Check below the services supplied by I2H Labs.
  1. Diagnosis of the innovation potential of the research institution, Higher Education Institution (HEI) or organization.

  2. Design and implementation of an internal incubator, with the definition of its governance model, Intellectual Property and business strategy.

  3. Development and launch of Challenges for the startup ecosystem, with the objective of seeking solutions to the main challenges of the organization.

  4. Capacity-building programs in Entrepreneurship & Healthcare Innovation.

  5. Assessment of projects and initiatives implemented locally by educational institution or organizations, using our QDI Health Assessment Methodology.

  6. Development of a Roadmap for Healthcare Innovation for startups and projects.

  7. Roadmap-based mentorship and curatorship of projects.

  8. Development of a entrepreneurial community through the curatorship of innovation networks.

  9. Development of government and private fund raising projects.

  10. Technology scouting - advisory services aimed at identifying, attracting and incorporating startups of strategic interest to the organization.

  11. Implementation of Innovation Nuclei collaboratively endorsed/supported by experts, students and other actors in the healthcare ecosystem.

  12. Development of meetup cycles to engage the regional healthcare ecosystem.

  13. Establishment of a junior healthcare innovation company within the University or Medical School.

  14. Mentorship or co-orientation aimed at advising’ students in writing their final papers focusing on healthcare innovation.

Learn more about I2H Labs. Contact us and schedule a call or face-to-face meeting to talk about the challenges your organization has in implementing an internal or external innovation environment.


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